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Think your own strategy and enjoy playing one of the most famous card games. Solitaire is a world famous card game which is appreciated by people of all ages, and it has many reasons for that. It's simple on the one hand and captivating on the other hand. Once you started playing the game, it's really hard to stop.

Playing Solitaire Card Game is very challenging, it stimulates thinking and keeps you mind active, because the game requires logic and savvy. Another important thing is that Solitaire has single and multiplayer modes. You can either choose a single player function and challenge yourself, or you can play with a partner and have the chance to appear on the top of Winners List, which is much more interesting!

Solitaire Card Game unites people all over the world. Thanks to social networks you can suggest your friends joining the Solitaire Community and altogether you can participate in real tournaments!

Do you want to get lots of positive emotions and switch off from the daily routine? Then, start playing Solitaire online right now! You can also downloadit on your device and enjoy the offline gamefor Free!

Solitaire Card Game Features

One of the main advantages of Solitaire Card Game is that it is totally free. The application can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store and is available for the users Online and Offline.

Our command of professionals did their best to preserve high-class and traditional MS Solitaire standards and at the same time brought the new ideas to the game's design and graphics. Stylish look and excellent graphics make Solitaire very attractive. Playing the game becomes more exciting with the possibility to choose between the decks' designs and different soundtracks.

Another important thing is that Solitaire Card Game works on Android and iOS devices. You can access the game through the social networks such as Facebook or Google+account and invite your friends to enjoy the playing. Join the Community of solitaire players and share your personal experience with them!

Solitaire Card Game Strategy

In Solitare you have 52 cards and four piles: the stock, the waist, the foundations, and the tableau. The task of the game is to place all the cards of the same suit to 4 foundations in the ascending order starting with Ace and ending with King.

The foundation piles are locatedin the upper right corner in a single-player game or in the left corner next to the avatar in a multiplayer game.

A number of the cards are placed faces down in the tableau, which is divided into 7 piles. The cards which lie on top are turned faces up. You can drag them between the piles in order to open the hidden cards that lie under the top ones. The cards in the tableau are sorted in the descending order with alternating colors. Matching cards should be dragged to the foundation pile.

You can take the cards from the stock. The cards in the stock are shown 1 or 3 in a draw, the number you choose at the beginning of the game. All the flipped cards in the stock are placed to the waste pile faces up. You need to decide whether to move the card to the foundation pile if it matches, or to the tableau. As soon as one of the piles in tableau becomes empty, you can start placing new cards over there in the descending order, simply take the new card from the stock starting with the King and drag it to the empty pile.

You win the game as soon as you drag all the cards to the foundations.

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